3 on 3 Tournament!


Hello fellow-conspirators!

Conspire is fast approaching! We hope you’re A) signed up! and B) excited!

We have some awesome things to talk about so lets get to it.

First, we will be hosting a 3 on 3 Conspire Basketball tournament (there will be separate high school and middle school tournaments) during free time on the Saturday of the conference. So come prepared! We will have a sign up on Friday when you arrive for Conspire. It will be a co-ed tournament so all teams MUST be co-ed.

We are having a drawing on Saturday evening for a HUGE, HUGE prize. The winners of the basketball tournament will have their names placed in the drawing an extra 10 times. TEN! Check back later today to find out what the prize is!

Also, if you know of anyone who is wanting to attend the conference get em signed up! We don’t have many spots left. Don’t leave your friends out in the cold. That’s just rude.

Can’t wait to see you! Check back today for the grand prize announcement!


Conspire Staff




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